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Step-by-step Guide to Sell Your House

So you’ve finally decided to sell your house. It must be very crucial for you. You spent years living there and must have had some beautiful moments. But it’s now time to move on.

Selling your house is surprisingly challenging, especially when you’re doing it for the first time.   Hiring a super realtor, setting a suitable asking price, and meeting new buyers all could be pretty overwhelming.

To make everything go easy on you, we’ve curated this step-by-step guide to selling your house. Follow these steps, and you will end up walking out with happiness.

Leave Emotions Aside

Deciding to sell the house is different from actually selling it. After all, you had spent a great deal of time and effort to find this beautiful dwelling. Then, it was also pretty emotional when you managed your finances to pay the mortgage and all the other home-buying costs. Not to forget the time and effort you spent to buy the furniture.

To overcome the fear of leaving this house, start planning for the new home. How would you decorate it? What would you do to make it stand out from this current house?

The sooner you overcome the emotional factor, the better you’ll make it easy on you.

Fix the House First

Before listing the house, fix it. There would be some obvious things that need fixing, such as a new coat of paint, roof repair, leakage under the sink, broken windows, etc. For more, you can hire a professional home repairing company to identify and fix the issues before selling the house.

If you plan to sell the house as it is, don’t hide the problems from potential buyers. Tell them what you already know and encourage them to hire a home inspection company.

Hire a Super Realtor

Although you may sell your house without hiring a professional realtor, it’s usually not recommended. When you choose to do so, you’re on your own. There’ll be nobody to market your house, organize house showings, or negotiate with incoming buyers. It might take more time and effort to sell your home, and you might not save as much as you initially thought.

On the other hand, a good realtor will always act wisely. They will:

  • Not rush towards making irrational decisions.
  • Help set a suitable asking price.
  • Share unique ideas to uplift the asking price.
  • Help you sell the house quickly.
  • Bring the right audience to your home.

They will also help prepare the required documents and are well-aware of pitfalls involved in real estate transactions.

Setting Genuine Asking Price

It would be crucial for you to set a suitable asking price if you’re working alone. On the other hand, a professional realtor is well-equipped with the current market knowledge and knows what you should quote for the house.

According to experts, many home sellers lose deals due to unrealistic asking prices. High asking prices often do not attract buyers at all. On the other hand, as confirmed by Investopedia, setting low asking prices is “a strategy to generate extra interest in your listing.” That creates a bargaining war, giving you the edge to close the deal with the highest bidder.

Selling at the Right Time

There’s no right time for homebuyers to buy a house. The same stands true for sellers. However, experts believe the best time to sell a home starts from Spring and lasts well until summer.

Again, you need a professional realtor to help you identify the best time to sell a house in your region. They know the best time to sell or buy a home.

Hiring Professional Home Stager

According to experts, home prices can go up to 15% higher if sellers hire a professional home staging company.

For the past few years, there has been an increase in demand for these professionals. They have the skills to transform a dull house into a well-living home. 

Once you have staged your house, take professional photos of the place and share them with your realtor to display them on MLS (or any other platform). It will minimize the listing period, besides generating more sales leads.

The Bottom Line

Learning to sell your house for top dollar in less time is an art. You need experts to stand with you for that. If you plan on hiring a professional real estate agent, you may contact Nada Yousseff. She has been in the business for quite some time and knows how to close the deal on best home selling terms.

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